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History, Literature
Modernist Literature: An Introduction

Mary Ann Gillies and Aurelea Denise Mahood

Edinburgh University Press, 2007

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History, Literature
The Professional Literary Agent in Britain, 1880-1920

Mary Ann Gillies

University of Toronto Press, 2007

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History, Political Science
Token Forces: How Tiny Troop Deployments Became Ubiquitous in UN Peacekeeping

Katharina P. Coleman and Xiaojun Li

Cambridge University Press, 2022

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More Projects

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy in PEM Fuel Cells: Fundamental and Applications

Xiao-Zi Yuan et al.
Springer, 2014

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Civil Registration and Identification Glossary

Mia Elisabeth Harbitz and Juan Carlos Benítez Molina

Inter-American Development Bank, 2010

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